Dear friends, only a few hours remain and I would like to take advantage and greet you: HAPPY 2019! A lot of people say with the proverb “New Year, new life”. Nevertheless, as St. Josemaria wrote:

“I don’t believe in the proverb that says: ‘a New Year, a new life.’ Nothing changes in twenty-four hours. Only our Lord, with his grace, can instantly convert a Saul from being a persecutor of Christians to an Apostle. He knocks him off his horse, he leaves him blind, he humbles him, he makes him approach another man, Ananias, to learn what to do. And Saul was one of the leading figures of Israel, educated at Gamaliel’s feet, and a Roman citizen to boot. Do you remember? Civis romanus sum, I am a Roman citizen. I like that. I also like you to feel true citizens of your country, with all the rights which that entails, because you fulfil all your obligations.

Do you think that an easygoing type who is reluctant to train seriously can hope to win an international athletics competition, without a great miracle? St Paul resorts to this simile, as do I. We have to struggle repeatedly and train every day – sometimes winning and sometimes losing – in little things that in themselves aren’t sinful and don’t have very significant moral implications, but which do indicate human weakness, a lack of love, a lack of generosity. ONLY BY FIGHTING IN THAT WAY CAN A PERSON AT LAST SAY TRUTHFULLY THAT HIS IS A NEW LIFE. ONLY THOSE WHO PERFORM THESE SPIRITUAL GYMNASTICS WILL REACH THE GOAL.”

Hence, let us approach this incoming year asking pardon from God for the many times we have not corresponded, thanking Him as well for all the blessings we have received during this year, and asking the Most Blessed Trinity, through the living intercession of Mary, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for His graces and mercy so that 2019 would be for us a joyous occasion not only for material well-being but also for our spiritual renewal and growth.
Wishing you and your family all the best! God bless! Fr. Rolly Arjonillo

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