“The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many,” Our Lord said.

As Christians, we need to follow Christ’s footsteps. Christ came to serve us and service supposes sacrifice and self-renunciation. Our Lord’s life is entirely dedicated to service and this self-abnegation is especially gleaned from the Cross, which is the cathedra from which He wishes to teach us many lessons. St. Augustine comments:

“Great thing is the knowledge of the crucified Christ. How many things are enclosed inside this treasure! Christ crucified! Such is the hidden treasure of wisdom and science. Do not be deceived, then, under the pretext of wisdom. Gather before the covering and pray that it may be uncovered. Foolish philosopher of this world, what you are looking for is worthless… What is the advantage of being thirsty, if you despise the source? … And what is his precept but that we believe in Him and love each other? In whom? In Christ crucified. This is his commandment: that we believe in Christ crucified … But where humility is, there is also majesty, where weakness is, there shall one find power, where death is, there shall be life as well. If you wish to arrive at the second part, do not despise the first “(Sermon 160, 3-4).

Let us not forget that if we wish to reign with Christ, we must learn to embrace His Cross in our daily life for, as St. John Chrysostom said: “Nobody can reign with Christ without having imitated his Passion. For things of great value can only be acquired at a great price.”
Fr. Rolly Arjonillo.

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