St. Leo the Great

On Christmas day: “Christian, Remember Your Dignity.”

On Christmas day: “Christian, Remember Your Dignity.” A child is born for us, and a son is given to us; his scepter of power rests upon his shoulder, and his name will be called Messenger of great counsel (Entrance Antiphon, Mass during Christmas day). Dear friends, A Happy and Holy Christmas to all! Below you’ll find the beautiful sermon of St. Leo the Great, which the Church prays today in the Divine Office and which I share to you so you could, []

Nov. 10: St. Leo the Great. Pope and Doctor of the Church

Nov. 10: Saint Leo the Great Pope and Doctor of the Church St. Leo (d.461) was a vigorous defender of the unity of the Church and pushed back the onrush of the barbarians under Attila. During his pontificate, the Council of Chalcedon (451) defined that there is in Christ one divine person and two natures, divine and human. It was a confirmation of his Epistola Dogmatica (Tomus) to the Patriach Flavian of Constantinople. During the disintegration of the Western Empire, when heresy []