St. James

OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR. Patroness of Spain and of the Hispanic people.

October 12 OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR. Patroness of Spain and of the Hispanic people. Holy Mary of the Pillar, listen to our prayer while we celebrate your feast, Mother of God and Mother of men, Queen and Lady.  You, the joy and honor of the people, you are our sweetness and our hope. From your throne, you look, guard, protect us, Mother of Spain. Tree of life that Christ gave us, the blessed fruit of your virgin womb, remain with us []

ST. JAMES THE GREATER: 1ST Apostle to Suffer Martyrdom, Evangelized Spain.

ST. JAMES THE GREATER, 1ST APOSTLE TO SUFFER MARTYRDOM, EVANGELIZED SPAIN “James, from Bethsaida, was the son of Zebedee and the brother of John. He was one of the three disciples to witness the Transfiguration and the agony in the Garden besides other important events of our Saviour’s public life. He and his brother’s impetuous zeal caused the Lord to name them the Sons of Thunder. James developed his apostolate in Judaea and Samaria. According to tradition he preached the Gospel in []