FOLLOW GOD’S EXAMPLE. Respect the Right of Each Person to Religious Freedom!

FOLLOW GOD’S EXAMPLE. Respect the Right of Each Person to Religious Freedom! God came into the world in peace as a newborn babe. He did not impose Himself to men. He did not employ violent means. He wants us to accept and love Him freely. HENCE, ALL HUMANITY MUST IMITATE GOD’S RESPECT FOR THE FREEDOM OF EACH PERSON. VIOLENCE AND COERCION ARE ABSOLUTELY INCOMPATIBLE WITH LOVE OF GOD AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! Dear friends, let us pray for the enlightenment and change of []

CHURCH AND MASS ETIQUETTE: Loving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist

CHURCH AND MASS ETIQUETTE: LOVING JESUS IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST Do I properly conduct myself inside the Church and attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with love, affection, attention, taking care of the details of piety which Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is really present in the Holy Eucharist, deserves from me? Dear friends: today, we shall take up some simple but very important reminders regarding CHURCH AND MASS ETIQUETTE.  As St. John Paul II once said directing himself to the []

WHAT IS LOVE? TRUE LOVE IS A CHASTE LOVE! Pope Francis to youth in Turin (June 21, 2015)

WHAT IS LOVE? TRUE LOVE IS CHASTE LOVE! POPE FRANCIS TO YOUTH IN TURIN In his address to the youth of Turin during his Pastoral Visit this weekend, Pope Francis delineated the characteristics of true love. Briefly, Pope Francis told the young people gathered for the occasion saying that TRUE LOVE: Is more in DEEDS that in words; It COMMUNICATES. It LISTENS and ANSWERS. It is lived in a communion. It is not a romantic fleeting moment; It RESPECTS PEOPLE, IT DOES NOT []