If you wish to HELP and DONATE to several personal causes,
I would be very grateful. 

The causes are as follows:

  1. Help, Health & Hope for Kids Socio-medical fundraising for Filipino sick, poor and  streetchildren. I, together with some classmates and friends from the University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, organized this. We began during Lent 2015 and our beneficiaries include Canossa Health and Social Center (Silang, Cavite), Balay Canossa Orphanage (Davao city) and St. Martin de Porres Street children Homes (San Pedro, Laguna)

For more info see:

If you wish to donate from the Philippines, you may deposit DIRECTLY TO THE BANK ACCOUNTS of our beneficiaries.


If you wish to donate (tax deductible ) from the US, send your checks to Dei Filius Foundation,


2. Church in distress: Financial Help for Iglesia del Señor San José (Seville, Spain). The Iglesia del Señor San José is a Rectory and not a parish. As such, it subsists on donations of private individuals. As a rectory, it has very few weddings during the year and thus has no other means from which it could maintain itself. We are still paying our credit for the painting of the facade of the Church and we are raising 18k euros to fix the roof and ceiling as it has numerous leakages when in rains. We can only do so with your kindness and generosity.

The Church, however, is famous in the city for it has at least 2 priests hearing confessions from 10am-2pm and from 6:30pm-9pm everyday.
Holy Masses are also celebrated 3x daily and on 4x during solemnities.

The priests do not charge stipends for the Masses they celebrate, following the criteria of St. Josemaria.

Pastoral activities (marriage preparation, Theology classes, Catholic spouses orientation, youth talks and monthly retreats are for free as well.

  Donations by paypal or credit card can be sent by clicking on the link below

These are causes which  I have personally undertaken in order to help other people and not for my personal needs. I would never take advantage of this website for personal gains but only with the idea to help the streeetchildren and the Church of San Jose.

Thanks and God bless you for your kindness and generosity.


Fr. Rolando Arjonillo