POPE FRANCIS TO PARENTS: To become a father and mother is a vocation. Be missionaries of your children! On the vocation, communion and mission of Christian marriage.

POPE FRANCIS TO PARENTS: BE MSSIONARIES OF YOUR CHILDREN! Vocation. Communion and Mission of Parents. Dear all: Last Sunday evening, June 14, 2015, Pope Francis spoke to a great multitude of families gathered at the St. Peter’s Square  when he opened the Ecclesial Congress of the Diocese of Rome, held in Saint Peter’s Square. The theme this year is: “’We Deliver to You What We Have Received’ (cf.1 Corinthians 15:3) — We Parents Witnesses of the Beauty of Life.” His address contains a []


JESUS’ SACRED HEART is the CHIEF SIGN and SYMBOL of HIS IMMENSE and NEVER-ENDING LOVE FOR HUMANITY, pierced for our sins and for our salvation and that this preparation can be summed up by two ideas: LOVE and REPARATION. BUT WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CHRIST’S LOVE FOR US? We can have a glimpse of these with St. Josemaria’s words: “CHRIST’S WAY CAN BE SUMMED UP IN ONE WORD: LOVE. If we are to love, we must have a BIG HEART and []


Yes, LOVE! But don’t get it wrong. We are not talking here about  love as a mere feeling, nor an attraction….but rather of LOVE WHICH IS AN ACT OF THE WILL. Yes…LOVE can be shown and be present ─ even without experiencing any feeling─  because as an ACT OF THE WILL, a person who loves WANTS TO MAKE HIS BELOVED HAPPY, even though he doesn’t feel anything, and EVEN IF IT MEANS RENOUNCING ONE’S SELF TO MAKE THE BELOVED HAPPY. Yes…LOVE and []

POPE FRANCIS: Read a Gospel passage, a Bible passage everyday. The Kingdom of God requires our humble collaboration and daily interior struggle.

Below is Pope Francis’ speech during yeterday’s Angelus in St. Peter’s Square (June 14, 2015) taken from He reminds us of the importance of GOD’S INITIATIVE IN THE GROWTH OF HIS KINGDOM BUT WE HAVE TO LET THE SEED OF GOD’S WORD GROW IN US. How? By being HIS HUMBLE COLLABORATOR because God’s Word only grows in a heart which is “poor = humble”; And by READING A GOSPEL PASSAGE DAILY IN ORDER TO GET MORE ACQUAINTED WITH GOD’S WORD, WHO []


ME…HOLY..? A YOUNG MAN ASKED ME…AND I ANSWERED: YES…! YOU TOO AS WELL! St Peter in his 1st Letter (1: 15-16) reminds us, citing the words of Leviticus: “as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy (Lev 19:2).’” And as St. Paul tells us as well: “This is the will of God: your sanctification (1Thes 4:3).” But, WHAT CAN I, A WEAK FRAGILE SINNER, []