ON HEAVEN (2): The Consolations of Human Love…What Would It Be Like in Heaven?

    ON HEAVEN (2): THE CONSOLATIONS OF HUMAN LOVE…WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE IN HEAVEN? In a homily given to grade 4 students a few days back, I asked them: “Who among you wants to be happy?” Without any hint of doubt, all of them raised their hands. Then again I asked: “What makes you happy?” A girl immediately waved her hand and replied: “Being with my family.” Another said: “I feel happy when I receive a kiss or a hug []

ON HEAVEN (1): Never-ending Love and Happiness

ON HEAVEN (1): NEVER-ENDING LOVE AND HAPPINESS ALL OF US WANT TO BE HAPPY. One doesn’t have to be educated or brilliant to know and experience this profound aspiration in our heart (though countless philosophers and saints have affirmed and written about this e.g. Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas etc). THIS PROFOUND DESIRE FOR HAPPINESS IS INNATE IN THE HUMAN HEART. The problem is that we realize that THE JOYS IN THIS LIFE ARE FLEETING (loved ones die, parties and vacations []

ON DEATH. The Falling Leaf

ON DEATH THE FALLING LEAF “Have you seen the dead leaves fall in the sad autumn twilight? Thus souls fall each day into eternity. One day, the falling leaf will be you.” (St. Josemaría, The Way, n. 736) Death is an unquestionable and indiscriminate reality. Yes, one day, it will be our turn: that falling leaf will be you and me. “Death puts an end to human life as the time open to either accepting or rejecting the divine grace manifested in []


POPE FRANCIS ON LOVE AND FIDELITY BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE Dear friends, here you have a beautiful discourse on love and fidelity between husband and wife which Pope Francis gave in yesterday’s General Audience (Oct. 21, 2015). In it, the Holy Father insisted on the following ideas: The “promise of love and fidelity made between husbands and wives is the basis of all family life.” This promise “implies the commitment to receive and educate the children, but it is also carried out []


10 TIPS TO CHERISH YOUR MARRIAGE Dear friends, I came across a post written in Spanish which I thought would greatly help all of you who are married. They are 10 tips from a psychological viewpoint written by Dr. Adrián Cano, of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) which are worthwhile to consider and live in order to have a happy marriage. I tried to translate them as best as I could to make it sufficiently understandable for you. I apologize []

October 22 ST. JOHN PAUL II

October 22 ST. JOHN PAUL II “Everyone knows John Paul II: his face, his characteristic way of moving and speaking; his immersion in prayer and his spontaneous cheerfulness. Many of his words have become indelibly engraved in our memories, starting with the passionate cry with which he introduced himself to the people at the beginning of his pontificate: ‘Open wide the doors to Christ, and be not afraid of him!’ Or this saying: ‘No one can live a trial life; no one []

POPE FRANCIS: God’s love for us is boundless that He is always waiting and searching for us.

POPE FRANCIS: God’s love for us is boundless that He is always waiting and searching for us. Dear friends, below you have the Vatican provided highlights of the Pope’s homily at Santa Marta on Oct. 20. In it He explains that God “doesn’t know pettiness. He gives everything”. He is not static nor indifferent but rather is always on the watch, “waiting for us to convert”, “searching for us”. Let us thank God for His boundless love for us. Let us not []