Students with disabilities video chat with Pope Francis (from Rome reports)

 Every one of us has a gift inside us…Let us not keep it to ourself but share it to others and our treasures will be multiplied. (ROME REPORTS FEB 2, 2015) It’s not everyday that one can video chat with the Pope, but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday afternoon. Special needs students from the U.S, Spain, India and Brazil talked with the Popeabout how they deal with their disabilities. Special focus was given on how technology helps them in school. From Nebraska []

ON THE PRUDENT USE OF TV AND INTERNET. Pope Francis to youth in Sarajevo

POPE TO YOUTH IN SARAJEVO: TV & INTERNET When asked by a young man if it’s true that he doesn’t watch television and what he thinks about the internet, the Pope answered appealing to the tv show producers to make shows with content that would help people prepare for their life. He also appealed to the personal responsibility of each one saying: “You must LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WATCH. If I see that a program is NOT GOOD FOR ME, []