POPE FRANCIS’ BEAUTIFUL HOMILY JUBILEE MASS FOR TEENS (MUST READ AND MEDITATE FOR ALL!).   Dear brethren in Christ, THIS IS A MUST-READ AND MUST-MEDITATE homily for young and not so young alike 😀   In this homily, Pope Francis touched on love, tenderness, friendship, freedom, self-giving, interior struggle, taking as point of departure Jesus’ new commandment to love one another as He has loved us.   Below you have the Vatican translation of the homily Pope Francis gave at the Mass []

FOLLOW GOD’S EXAMPLE. Respect the Right of Each Person to Religious Freedom!

FOLLOW GOD’S EXAMPLE. Respect the Right of Each Person to Religious Freedom! God came into the world in peace as a newborn babe. He did not impose Himself to men. He did not employ violent means. He wants us to accept and love Him freely. HENCE, ALL HUMANITY MUST IMITATE GOD’S RESPECT FOR THE FREEDOM OF EACH PERSON. VIOLENCE AND COERCION ARE ABSOLUTELY INCOMPATIBLE WITH LOVE OF GOD AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! Dear friends, let us pray for the enlightenment and change of []

ON HELL (1): HELL EXISTS. To End in this State is Your Choice.

ON HELL (1): HELL EXISTS. TO END IN THIS STATE IS YOUR CHOICE In the previous posts, we have discussed the existence of Purgatory, explained the reason why souls end there, the existence of Heaven and the eternal happiness which God has reserved for those who lovingly lived their lives for Him on earth and die with a purified soul. We cannot, however, end our meditation on the last things for this month of November without discussing the existence of hell. Hell is []

Pope Francis’ Speech to the United Nations. TOP 20 MOST POWERFUL IDEAS

Pope Francis’ Speech to the United Nations TOP 20 MOST POWERFUL IDEAS Dear friends, here are the top 20 most powerful ideas in the address given by Pope Francis to the General Assembly of the United Nations. I have tried to summarize it but it is still quite long though nevertheless  very important, substantial and interesting read. Titles are mine, all the rest are Pope Francis’ words. Let’s pray that the international governing bodies. government and financial leaders do something about the Pope’s []