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Hi folks! If you're a Catholic and would like to receive friendly spiritual posts, resources and advices, this is your site. Hope you'll like and follow us. Thanks and God bless!

Welcome to Catholics Striving for Holiness!

This page offers Catholic spiritual resources, advices and posts aimed at helping all Catholics who are striving to respond generously to God’s universal call to Holiness, as proclaimed by the Second Vatican Council in its Conciliar document, Lumen gentium, n. 39-42. Fr. Rolando Arjonillo Boquiren, priest of Opus Dei. BRIEF INFORMATION -Doctor of Sacred Theology, Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). Doctoral Thesis awarded Premio Extraordinario nº 1 (1996). -University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, 1986-1990. Completed Medicine Proper. Belongs to UPCM Batch 1991. Left during internship (1991) []