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    Thank you for your help. Please message me back.


    1. Happy to help, Scott. God bless!


      1. lina sorrentino says:

        Today is my Birthday. I’M so happy and honored to be born on the same day as our holy mother, the hol pure and full of grace of grace. I love her and have devoted myself to her and her son our LORD Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday my SWEETEST most loving mother. Thank you to God the father and the holy spirit. I’M glad I’M a cradle Catholic. God bless, LINA Sorrentino


  2. We saw a beautiful picture of OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS and would like to use it on our bulletin cover for her feast day. I am not sure how to get permission to use the picture just this one time.


    1. No problem. Just cite the source. God bless.


  3. Aurora Daly says:

    Dear Fr. Arjonillo,

    May I please have your private email?

    Maraming salamat po!



    1. Hi Aurora,
      If you have an FB account, kindly befriend me (Rolly Arjonillo) and will send you a pm. Walang anuman, God bless.


  4. Eneh Chika Elias says:

    I need updates on Catholic s striving for holiness


    1. Hi Eneh. To have the updates, please subscribe to our new website, catholicsstrivingforholiness.org
      Visit the page and put your email in the subscribe widget.
      God bless!


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