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During the following days, your subscription to this blog, will be automatically migrated to our new domain,


  • This action would allow you to receive via e-mail the new posts which will be published in our new website.

Furthermore, WWW.CATHOLICSSTRIVINGFORHOLINESS.ORG  has additional features, in particular, the possibility of sharing the posts to other social platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, Gmail, Viber, Evernote etc., so that more people could benefit from them.

  • However, this blog will continue to store our old posts. If you want to re-read some of them, just use our search box and it will direct you to the post you are looking for.

Our immense gratitude to your faithful following. We hope to continue helping you grow spiritually in your Catholic faith and love for God through our posts.

We would like to ask you the kind favor of praying for the spiritual fruits of our blog.

Have a great day ahead! God bless you and your family!

Fr. Rolly Arjonillo

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you . I am so happy to be part of this


  2. Madu Chibuzor Gerald says:

    Most adorable JESUS, I (Chibuzor Gerald Madu), my household and my family, we thank You for all the benefits we have been receiving from You since we came into existence, we would have done nothing if not for your compassion and guardian towards us. Most lovely JESUS, I ask You LORD to look into our life and amend whatsoever the enemies has destroyed in life, let your mercy continue to follow us, and fill us all with your Spirit of holiness, and may our days be brighter than the morning Star in JESUS name I pray šŸ™…… AMEN. I love You LORD JESUS


  3. Emmie Reyes says:

    Please My intention, Dear Lord Jesus We prayer for the complete recovery of my uncle Bebit who are in coma due to stroke.


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