During a friendly spiritual chat, a priest asked a young boy if he prays daily for his parents. The boy, a bit suprised, commented:

Why? Is there something wrong with them?

Many times, we unknowingly behave like the young boy for we only remember God and pray to Him, when there is something wrong.

Though praying to God during difficult moments is a good thing, we must not only have recourse to Him when we have problems, for we are treating him as we do to the plumber or electrician…whom we call only when there are things to be fixed.

As God who deserves all our love and gratitude, let us talk to Him frequently throughout the day, dedicating specific moments of a heart-to-heart conversation, to thank Him, to tell Him that we adore and love Him, and not only to ask Him for ourselves, but also for others as well.

He awaits for us daily and many times at that. May we call on Him not only when there’s a leak in our life, but treat Him as our Father, Brother and Beloved.

Fr. Rolly Arjonillo.

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  1. Stacy A. says:

    Well said! In truth, well said! ✊ Thanks for posting. 👍✌️


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