THREE KINGS CAVALCADE 2019, Seville Spain. Videos, slideshow and photos

THREE KINGS CAVALCADE 2019, Seville Spain.

The cavalcade is a centuries-old Spanish tradition practiced in many of its cities and towns. In the vid, the float of the Holy Family is shown with Mary and Joseph together with the children dressed as pastors throwing away candies to the crowd. Also shown is the float of King Melchor. Photos of some of the more than 10 floats are as follows. In total, 3,000 people participated in the floats and procession to give a joyful Three King’s eve to more than 100,000 who saw that cavalcade along the streets of the Andalusian capital, and got a bag full of candies as well  . #cabalagatasevilla2019


Float of King Melchor



Estrella de ilusión float

Some of the Bedouins

Float of Herod

King Melchor’s float


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