St. Josemaria wrote: “Saints are those who fight until the very end of their lives, those who know how to get up after each stumble, each fall, and continue valiantly, humbly, lovingly and hopefully along the way.”

We are assured that God will not abandon us and that the Directors will guide us securely along our path.
Even though we may feel deep in our soul the revolt of the body of death that cries out for its lost privileges, we should never lose our peace.

“My child, you are in the Work because He has called you. And he who called you gives you his grace to become a good instrument in his hands. And he shows you the means, our Norms and Customs. Be faithful to them, and the time will come when you’ll be able to say, sensing this truth in the intimate depths of your soul: ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. (St. Josemaria).'”

The more clearly we see our defects clearly and the more our heart rebels, the more firmly we should rely on our Father God, on the advice we receive in the chat and Confession, and on the others. That way we will resist the attacks of the “old man”. As St. Josemaria wrote: “

Do not be ashamed to discover in your hearts the ‘fomes peccati’ – the tinder of sin, the inclination to evil, which will be with you as long as you live, for nobody is free from this burden.
Do not be ashamed, for the all-powerful and merciful Lord has given us all the means we need for overcoming this inclination: the sacraments, a life of piety and sanctified work.
Persevere in using these means, ever ready to begin again and again without getting discouraged.(St. Josemaria).”

In order to struggle faithfully like this our whole life long, we need God’s help and our Lady’s intercession. We ask Mary to bring our petition to her Son. “Mother, do not leave me! Let me seek your Son, let me find your Son, let me love your Son – with my whole being. Remember me, my Lady, remember me (St. Josemaria).”

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