We must make a great deal of reparation and atonement to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for our past life, our sins and infidelities, for so much wasted time, for so much indifference and apathy in the way we deal with him, for so much lack of love, on our part and on behalf of others.
We can say to him in the words written by St. Bernard, “I beg you to receive the offering of the years remaining to me. Do not despise, O my God, this heart which is contrite and humble because of all the years that I have spent so foolishly
(St Bernard, Sermon 20, 1).”

When we see so many people who seem set on fleeing from grace, we cannot remain indifferent. Rather, we should learn how to console our Lord and tell him many acts of love. As St. Josemaria wrote:
“Don’t be content to ask Jesus pardon just for your own faults: don’t love him just with your own heart…
Console him for every offence that has been, is, or will be done to him. Love him with all the strength of all the hearts of all those who have most loved him.
Be daring: tell him that you are crazier about him than Mary Magdalen, than either of his two Teresas, that you love him madly, more than Augustine and Dominic and Francis, more than Ignatius and Xavier (St. Josemaria, The Way, 402).”
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we ask you pardon, not only for our sins but also for those of others. We wish to console you as well with frequent acts of contrition and love, in words and in deeds. You know all things, You know that we love You!
Fr. Rolly Arjonillo.

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