Visit to the Blessed Sacrament.

You have started to visit the Blessed Sacrament every day … I am not surprised to hear you say, ‘I have come to love the Sanctuary light madly’ (J. Escrivá, Furrow, 688). The Visit to the Blessed Sacrament is an act of piety that only takes a few minutes; nevertheless, what a lot of graces and what fortitude and peace does Our Lord give through it. There we find that our sense of presence of God throughout the day is improved and we gather new strength to take the difficulties of the day in our stride. There our desire to work better is enkindled and we are provided with a good supply of peace and joy to take with us to our family life. Our Lord, who always pays generously, is grateful for the fact that we have gone to visit Him. And as to paying us, he is so careful about this that you need to have no fear he will leave us without our reward if only we raise our eyes to Heaven and remember Him (St Teresa, The Way of Perfection, 23, 3).

In the Visit to the Blessed Sacrament we go to keep Jesus company for a few minutes. It could be that on a particular day not many have gone to visit him even though He was expecting them. Therefore He is all the more pleased to see us there. We shall say some of the usual prayers to him as well as making the spiritual Communion. We’ll ask him for help — both spiritual and material; we’ll tell him what is causing us concern and what we are happy about; we’ll tell him that, in spite of our miseries, He can count on us for the re-evangelization of the world and we’ll tell him, perhaps, that we want to bring a friend close to him.

“What shall we do, you sometimes ash, in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Love him, praise him, thank him and ask him for things. What does a thirsty person do when he sees a pure clean fountain? (St Aiphonsus Liguori, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 1).”

Excerpt from ICWG, Vol. 2, Easter Thursday Meditation

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