“OMNIA IN BONUM (Rm 8:28).”

OMNIA IN BONUM (Rm 8:28).”

We are right to trust completely in our Father God. We may not always understand why certain things happen; we may not grasp why they should be so, especially when they don’t fit in with our way of thinking; but it is then that we need to offer filial surrender, abandoning ourselves into God’s hands like a child who knows that his father always gives him what is best. Sometimes a child is attracted by things that could do him harm; and his father, even though he knows the child is going to be disappointed, has to say no. The child may not understand, but it is for his own good. Everything that happens to us is good and right for us: “for those who love God all things work together for the good (Rm 8:28).”

Our firm belief that God is caring for us “all leads us to be patient. Things are never as we want them to be, but as God’s providence allows: we have to accept them gladly, no matter how they appear. If we see God behind everything we will always be happy and peaceful and never get upset (St. Josemaria).”


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