Dear brethren in Christ, especially my fellow Filipinos all over the world: We all know the precarious situation in Marawi, Philippines, the recent Manchester and London terrorist attacks, the numerous attacks suffered by our Christian brethren in Syria, Egypt, Iraq…

Thus, I humbly invite you to join our Holy Rosary Brigade. Let us all multiply our prayers, asking the Most Holy Trinity, through the intercession of our dear Mother, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary for speedy resolution and end of the conflict not only in Marawi but also in other places torn by terrorism, and for the change of hearts of the sowers of terror, violence and suffering to a lot of innocent people, and for world peace, BY PRAYING THE HOLY ROSARY DAILY FOR THESE INTENTIONS, convinced that the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to whom God entrusted the peace in the world, will hear the prayers of her children and that Jesus, as in the wedding at Cana would grant her mother’s request.

Lord Jesus, you who said that if two of you gather to pray in your name, the Father will grant your desires, hear the prayers of many people from different nations joining this Holy Rosary Brigade, and grant our intentions: have mercy on your people, grant us your peace!

Through the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, Queen of peace, Help of Christians, we ask you for the victims of terrorism and their families, for the conversion of the hearts of the terrorists, for the end of terrorism so that there be peaceful coexistence among people of different creeds and world peace. May all of us CHOOSE LOVE, AND NOT HATE. Amen.


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