With the vision this gift bestows, the soul who wishes to follow Christ closely contemplates reality from a higher perspective, because it shares in some way in the vision which God himself has of creation. Everything is judged with the clarity given by this gift.

The gift of wisdom, the principle of a living contemplation that directs action, enables the soul to taste the good ness of God to see it manifested in all events, even in the most painful, since God permits evil only for a higher good, which we shall see later and which it is sometimes given us to glimpse on earth (R. Garrigou-Lagrange, The Three Ages of the Interior Life, II).

SOURCE: ICWG, vol. 2, n. 89

“O Spirit of Wisdom, deign to set the fire of your Love to my heart, and make your divine light cast out the darkness from my mind. May I be even more closely united through you, with my Savior Jesus Christ. Grant that, following his example, I may no longer aspire nor live for anything but the glory of the Father!

Love of Father and Son, divine fire, burn away in me everything that is still opposed to the reign of divine Wisdom. Grant that I may get rid of every erroneous thought, that I may put all my complacency in God alone and may thus accomplish in my soul everything that was planned by divine mercy! (A. Riaud, The Holy Spirit Acting in Our Souls).”

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