Dear brethren in Christ, the month of May, dedicated to Mother Mary, is in its last week, with the forthcoming Marian feasts on May 24 (Our Lady, Help of Christians) and May 31 (The Visitation). Throughout this Marian month, we have expressed our filial love to Our Lady, imitating Jesus’ love for Mother Mary. Nevertheless, let us not forget the following words:

“When the feasts of Our Lady come round let us not be sparing in our tokens of affection. Let us raise our hearts to her more often, asking her for what we need, thanking her for her constant, motherly care and entrusting to her the people we love. Though, naturally, if we really want to act as good children, every day is a good day for loving Mary, just as every day is a good day for those who really love one another.” St. Josemaria Escriva, Friends of God, no. 291.

As every day is a good day to love our mother, so is with our Mother Mary!

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