Jan. 21: SANTO NIÑO DE CEBÚ (Feast in the Philippines). Pit Senyor!


Jan. 15:
Pit Senyor!


On the 3rd Sunday of January of every year, Filipino devotees of Santo Niño de Cebu, hold the traditional prayer dance called “Sinulog” during which people carry and raise their images of the Holy Child Jesus crying out to the Niño-God in unison, “PIT SENYOR!”.

The first word, “PIT” is a contraction of the word, “SANGPIT”, which is a call of the attention of Our Lord God, − “SENYOR,” (from the Spanish word, “Señor”) − asking Him at the same time to listen to a particular prayer intention. It is a beautiful phrase that combines two meanings for the Filipino Cebuanos, that is, “Calling God and Prayer Intention”.

FEAST OF SANTO NIÑO. AV & TEXT IN http://wp.me/p6k7Mv-1TV
PRAYER TO SANTO NIÑO IN http://wp.me/p6k7Mv-1Uc

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