Oct. 12: OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR. Patroness of the Hispanic people. Audiovisual summary and text.


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  1. Chris Bryan Taguilaso Ponce says:

    Thank you

    On Oct 10, 2016 3:48 AM, “Catholics Striving for Holiness” wrote:

    > catholicsstrivingforholiness posted: “https://youtu.be/LFl2HR__eGk > October 12 OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR. Patroness of Spain and of the Hispanic > people. Holy Mary of the Pillar, listen to our prayer while we celebrate > your feast, Mother of God and Mother of men, Queen and Lady. You, the joy > and ” >


  2. María Isabel Casado Morales says:

    Good afternoon. I only want to clarify one thing about the post of OCT. 12: OUR LADY OF THE PILLAR. I think that the Patronnes of Spain is not Our Lady of The Pilar but The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Maria… The priest of the church where I went to mass yesterday said that it is a frecuent mistake.
    The day October the 12fth is the Hispanity Day because it is the same day that America was conquered by Cristobal Colon, but not because it is Our Lady of The Pilar feast day. I am not very sure, I have been searching information about this matter in the Internet, but I haven’t found anything else. I hope it is usefull. Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English… Maria Isabel Casado.


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