Sept. 14: EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS. May we “exalt” Christ’s Cross in our life.

May we “exalt” Christ’s Cross in our life.
Dear brethren in Christ, Happy Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross! In the meme, you see a bronze sculpture of Christ found in the Shrine of Torreciudad, Huesca (Spain). Our Lord, still alive, with eyes wide open, wanting to establish a dialogue with you and me…
Below you have some quotes which you might like to bring into your personal prayer with Our Lord. Take care and God bless!
Fr. Rolly Arjonillo, priest of Opus Dei.
+++Taken from St. Josemaria, “The Forge”+++
779 To find the Cross is to find Christ.
781 Look at Jesus hanging dead on the Cross, and pray. In this way the Life and Death of Christ can become the model and the spur of your life, and for your answer to the Will of God.
782 At the moment of sorrow or expiation, remember this: the Cross is the symbol of the redeeming Christ. It has ceased to be the symbol of evil, becoming instead the sign of victory.
785 If we join our own little things, those insignificant or big difficulties of ours, to the great sufferings of Our Lord, the Victim (He is the only Victim!), their value will increase. They will become a treasure, and then we will take up the Cross of Christ gladly and with style.
And then every suffering will soon be overcome: nobody, nothing at all, will be able to take away our peace and our cheerfulness.
786 To be an apostle you have to bear within you Christ crucified, as Saint Paul teaches us.
787 It’s true: when the Holy Cross comes into our lives it unmistakably confirms that we are his, Christ’s.
788 The Cross is not pain, or annoyance, or bitterness. It is the holy wood on which Jesus Christ triumphs… and where we triumph too, when we receive what He sends us with cheerful and generous hearts.
789 You have come to see that, after the Holy Sacrifice, it is on your Faith and your Love, on your penance, your prayer and your activity, that the perseverance, and even the life on earth of your people to a great extent depend.
Bless the Cross: the Cross that He — my Lord Jesus — and you and I bear.
517 When you celebrated the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross you asked Our Lord, with the most earnest desire of your heart, to grant you his grace so as to “exalt” the Holy Cross in the powers of your soul and in your senses. You asked for a new life; for the Cross to set a seal on it, to confirm the truth of your mission; for the whole of your being to rest on the Cross!
We shall see…
519 To love the Cross means being able to put oneself out, gladly, for the love of Christ, though it’s hard — and because it’s hard. You have enough experience to know that this is not a contradiction.

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