THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND PROTESTANT “CHURCHES”: Are they the same? No. Here are the differences.

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  1. Diana says:

    Well, things have changed a bit over the year: Pope Francis and a Lutheran Bishop signed an agreement in March 2017 stating we are the same. The Pope also placed a statue of Martin Luther at the Vatican and had a stamp printed with Martin Luther on it. You need to research all the Pope is doing. There are many websites that announce daily exactly what Pope Francis is doing.


    1. Oh yes. Let’s pray for the unity of all Christians and for the return of those who defected, to the One, True Church of Christ.


  2. Terry says:

    What about the Eastern Orthodox Church? It needs to be acknowledged that for 1054 years there was One Church. Then, in 1054, the Church of Rome split off from the four other mother churches and where Protestant churches split from.


    1. Basically, the doctrine and sacraments are the same. The main diffference is the primacy of Rome and of the Pope.


      1. There’s more to it than the primacy of the pope. There are doctrines than were added to the Faith by the western church which caused this schism. There is much to be said about this and here there is no space for it all but I would be happy to share Orthodox theology with anyone who wants to contact me. I do not mean to offend but truth must be spoken in love!


  3. Rich mcMahon says:

    The author omitted an important distinction, Consubstantiation (embraced by most Protestant Churches) in which the bread & wine retain these characteristics while also becoming the body & blood of Christ vs.Transubstantiation (embraced by the Catholic Church) in which the bread & wine actually and fully become the body & blood of Christ.


  4. Cynthia Murray says:

    I was raised Episcopalian. As an adult in my sixties I joined the Roman Catholic Church as we moved and the closes Church for us was a five hour drive one way. The Anglican Church (Church of England) was not started by Henry VIII. The Anglican Church and the Episcopal Church have Apostolic Session, meaning the Priest can trace their Priestly Lineage to the Apostles, therefore Jesus Christ. The Anglican and the Episcopal Churches believe that at Holy Communion the wafer and wine do become the actual Body and Blood of Jesus Christ the same as the Roman Catholic Church.
    Side note the word Catholic means universal church. The Roman Catholic Church members should use the full name of their Church to separate from the Eastern Church and all other Churches that belief in Jesus Christ. Roman show the fact that the Pope is their leader, were as the Archbishop of Canterbury is the leader of the Anglican Church (Church of England)and the Persiding Bishop is the leader of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. These Church leaders all answer to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Meaning the Trinity. The three Churches also follow the same Church Calendar.
    Now I’m just a common person not an educated Theological Person. I just know from being a cradle Christian and studying my Sunday School lesson and then my RCIA questioning the Priests who Pastured their flock like Jesus did.


  5. Karen Thomason says:

    I am so excited that I am able to get all of this information through the Internet. I have wavered in my Catholic Journey, with convenience a factor. We moved to Texas and found that the nearest Catholic Church was in another town. But Baptist churches seemed to be on every corner! I am excited to come home. But once again it is 5+ miles away, and I just gave my car to my grandson. I will utilize EWTN UNTIL I can make arrangements to get two or from church.


    1. Happy for you, Karen! Welcome home. Praying for you and your family. Fr. Rolly


  6. Warren says:

    I need to research the Lutheran-Catholic reconnection of 2017. That’s quite fascinating if it be true. I too question Protestant churches. No I am not Catholic. Yes have had a few in my family that have been Catholic though. I grew up mostly under the Baptist flag. I heard a preacher once say ” If u don’t believe it. Read and see for yourself. Its right here in your bible.” Well that’s what I started doing a few years ago. Its hard to swallow that everything you learned growing up may seemingly not be accurate so my research continues.


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