Summary of Catholic Teaching. TOPIC 11: THE ASCENSION OF OUR LORD


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  1. Jack Yager says:

    Of all of the miracles described in the Bible, I find the miracle of the Ascension to be the most confusing one. During the First century AD almost everyone thought that the Earth was the center of the universe, as Aristotle had also assumed several hundred years earlier. Today we know the earth is one of hundreds of billions of planets, and, that there are hundreds of millions of galaxies. As science advances we know more and more about the universe and how incredibly tiny the Earth is in relation to the rest of the universe. Now, also keep in mind that in 1999 Pope John Paul II issued a pronouncement that heaven is NOT a “PHYSICAL PLACE”. It is a state of being. Ok, so how then does the Catholic Church interpret the Ascension today? Since Pope John Paul II indicated that heaven is not a physical place/location, then was it Christ’s spirit that ascended into a heaven that is immaterial/spiritual? If so, does that mean his body was buried here on earth? If not, then please square this circle for me and explain the current position of the Catholic Church on the Ascension. I believe in the message of Christianity. I think the message is what’s most important. But please help me out on understanding my basic question here about the Ascension.


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