5 daily habits to keep your faith alive


Dear friends, if you wish to keep your Faith in God alive and vibrant, here are some short daily habits which you could practice out of love for God.

Assuming that you pray before and after meals, you could add more acts of piety for if we want to grow in our friendship and love with God and Our Lady, we have to deal with them more frequently.

Perhaps, some would think that one is so busy and doesn’t have time…Well, if we have time for Facebook, for eating, for watching TV, for surfing, for sleeping…we could also dedicate some time for God, right? In short, when there’s a will to love God, there’s a way :D. In total, these good acts of piety could be done in less than 30 minutes a day, distributed throughout so you could live in God’s presence.

Of course, if you wish to prolong your mental prayer, and add more acts of piety like:
Visit to the Blessed Sacrament at a nearby church or chapel,
– reciting the Angelus or Regina coeli (Easter season) during midday,
– and praying the Holy Rosary during travel time to school or work,
– frequent Holy Mass…you may do so and much better!

But try to incorporate them gradually if you’re just starting. And if by chance you have omitted or forgotten one of them, don’t worry … it’s not a sin :D. What’s important is you begin again the next day and with perseverance day in and out, we will acquire these habits which are necessary if we are to grow in our dealings with God and advance in the path towards holiness to which God calls us.

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  1. Patsy mcCann says:

    Thank you for being there for me my sister in law passed away last night please pray for her family

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  2. Celso nierra says:

    Just wonder…. Where is the social aspect of our catholic faith in this? ‘Whatever you do to the least of these brethren you do it to me’,…


    1. These habits are the sources of grace we need to carry out good works. If one lives in presence of God, a Catholic would be capable of living the social virtues. “Without me, you can do nothing,” as Our Lord said.
      See as well menu on love for one’s neighbor under Catholic life-Virtues-Theological virtues-Charity-love of neighbor….
      You may also look under the category: Love for the poor…works of mercy… prayers…there are a lot of posts actually on the social aspect of our life as Catholics
      As of present, I’m adding menus little by little as I’ve just learned recently how to do it. God bless!


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