Father Donald

A True Conversion Story.

Who’s that guy with the long hair in the picture Fr. Calloway is showing? It was he himself as a young adult immersed in the worldly pleasures!

Dear friends, I came upon this video which I think is a MUST WATCH as it is a demonstration of God’s love, mercy and goodness through Our Mother Mary’s loving intercession!

Fr. Donald Calloway tells us about his conversion story. He used to be a rebellious teen, having tried different types of drugs on the streets. Growing up in a non-Christian environment, Fr. Donald had a worldly life as a teen and young adult, having committed a lot of “shameful” actions as he himself testified.

As a teen living in Japan, he got into trouble with the Japanese authorities who kicked him out of the country. In the meantime, his mother met a Filipina in Japan. The Filipina Catholic friend introduced her to the Catholic faith and taught her the doctrine. Fr. Donald’s mom finally got converted to the Catholic faith.
Back in America, he entered various rehab clinics which seem to have not straightened him in life. Desperate and hopeless in the crucial point of his life, the young Donald picked a book about the Virgin Mary in his parent’s house. It was then when his process of conversion began.

Fr. Donald funnily recalls some hilarious encounters with the Filipinas he coincided with in the Church and also has some words of praise for the powerful faith, piety and example of the Filipina Catholics whom he met.

Dear friends, let us not lose hope, neither with ourselves nor with others. Through the loving intercession of Our Lady, let us ask God’s infinite mercy for the conversion of many people, beginning with ourselves. Let us not forget that CONVERSIONS DO HAPPEN WITH GOD’S GRACE, OUR LADY’S INTERCESSION AND MAN’S CORRESPONDENCE!



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  1. Veronica Ogunbayo says:

    I praise & thank God for what He has done in the life of Fr Donald Calloway, It really proved that there is no sinner that cannot be forgiven if truly repent. Also it shows that our Mother Virgin Mary is always there for our intercession if we ask it from her.I pray that Fr Donald will be more blessed & continue faithfully on his call as a priest of our church


  2. I think this testimony is something so incredible!..The Love and Mercy od God the Father,and the intercession of the Blessed Virgen Mary was powerful for this person, today… He is a Priest,working for the Kingdom of God. and the conversion to the people,who are living a desvastaded life like he was before.I congratulate Fr. Donald Calloway,and I pray for him with all my heart.God keep him blessed,and Mama=Mary be at his side everyday.


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