December 18: Our Lady of Hope Mother, we entrust to you all parents expecting for their child!

Dec. 18- Our Lady of Hope

December 18: Our Lady of Hope
Mother, we entrust to you all parents expecting for their child!

Today, in many places in Spain, Our Lady of Hope is celebrated, entrusting to her all expecting pregnant mothers who are waiting for the time of delivery. Furthermore, Seville, the traditional “besamanos”  (kissing of the hands) of Our Lady is currently underway, such that the iconic images of the city are brought down to the center aisle of the church where faithful devotees line up and wait for their turn in order to kiss the hands of the image of Our Heavenly Mother.

Dear friends, let us entrust to Our Lady the health and safe pregnancy and delivery of all expecting mothers, who together with the fathers, are excited to see their child born, like Mother Mary and St. Joseph were too, with the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us also ask for all the doctors, especially with an OB-GYN specialty, so that they may do their job with professional honesty and expertise, always defending the dignity and life of the unborn human person.

Lastly, let us also ask Our Lady’s intercession so that we would intensify in our interior preparation these days of Advent through generous prayer, sacramental Confession, and good works, especially those of mercy, so as to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus with a clean heart and soul.

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Fr. Rolly Arjonillo, priest of Opus Dei.

PHOTO CREDIT:Arellano, “Virgen De Macarena (Seville, Spain)” in–CSkrQlEI_w/VQGyENez7wI/AAAAAAAASXI/bVcO_Sjq_pk/s1600/_DSC0337.jpg

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