OCT. 7: OUR LADY OF THE HOLY ROSARY. Miracles, 15 Promises & Guide.


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  1. victoria artates says:

    Fr. Arjanillo good day, last tuesday is the 1st day of rosary “AVE MARIA” in our parish church somebody led the rosary after the 5 mysteries they pass the booklet to us and the woman beside me asked me to continue after 5 mystery so the i began to recite the Letany of the blessed Virgin Mary followed hail holy queen until let us pray and end people around me were surprise and said that is not the right arrangement of the prayer they said after the 5 mysteries immediately the hail holy queen then the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary my concern is what is the correct arrangement of the holy rosary please send me a right and correct arrangement as guide in reciting the holy rosary because of the reaction of the people around i want to correct them. I hope this letter of mine will enlighten the people and use the correct guide of the holy rosary. Thank you very much for your early reply . God bless

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    1. It varies from one country to another. Recite it according to the custom of your country and parish so as to avoid misunderstanding. God bless!

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